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  • Fraud Attempts on behalf of Hu’u Project, Vale and PT Sumbawa Timur Mining are Rising Again

    01 / 04 / 2023 Press Release

    Sumbawa Timur Mining

    The public is urged to be alert and reconfirm to STM

    Sumbawa, April 2023: PT Sumbawa Timur Mining (STM) advises the public to remain cautious of individuals or entities claiming to be affiliated with or having working relationships (directly or indirectly) with STM and its parent company (in this case, Vale) concerning the mineral mining exploration activities currently conducted by STM in Dompu and Bima Regencies, West Nusa Tenggara Province, based on a Contract of Work and other relevant permits (the Hu’u Project).

    As may be known, various forms of communication materials have circulated widely among the public, including letters, handbooks, the use of logos, announcements (through social media or other means), which falsely appear to represent or have connections with the Hu’u Project. These communications relate to the procurement of goods and services, workforce recruitment, and land acquisition for the Hu’u Project.

    In relation to the above, the management of STM has identified several companies that are suspected, and unlawfully, misrepresent STM (including Vale) by disseminating false and irresponsible information to the general public. The companies in question include PT Abdi Karya Usaha Raya (AKUR), STM Vale Hu’u – Vale Global Group (STM VH VGG), PT Main Cone Vale Global, PT Vale GG, and PT SVH – VGG.

    “We remind the public that the mentioned companies have no direct or indirect affiliations with the Hu’u Project, STM, or Vale,” stated Cindy Elza, Principal Communication of STM.

    The management of STM also affirms that STM is the sole holder of a Contract of Work legally recognized by the Government (both Central and Regional) to exclusively carry out the development of the Hu’u Project.

    “We urge the public not to easily believe in any form of investment offers related to the Hu’u Project that do not originate from official sources of STM. Be sure to verify any offers, either by contacting STM or through other means,” Cindy informed.

    Therefore, Cindy noted that STM provides a helpline for the public who wish to confirm or report fraudulent activities misrepresenting STM and Vale, through the email address infoSTM1@vale.com or by contacting the STM Community Relations Team in Project Hu’u Staging at Hu’u District.

    In conclusion, Cindy added that “STM will not hesitate to use all available legal measures under applicable laws to protect the legal interests of STM against any individuals, companies, or entities intentionally and unlawfully creating an impression among the general public that their business activities are related or associated with the development activities of the Hu’u Project, which is currently legally conducted by STM and its parent company (Vale).

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    About PT Sumbawa Timur Mining – PT STM 

    PT Sumbawa Timur Mining (STM) is a joint venture between Eastern Star Resources Pty Ltd (80%), a 100%-owned subsidiary of Vale SA, and PT Antam Tbk (20%). Established in 1998, STM became the owner of the Hu’u Project 7th generation Contract of Work (CoW) and Geothermal Preliminary & Exploration Survey Assignment in Hu’u District, Dompu Regency, West Nusa Tenggara Province, Indonesia. The CoW area covers 19,260 hectares in Dompu Regency and Bima Regency. Currently, STM is conducting mineral exploration activities to realize its vision in becoming a world class copper mining operation supported by renewable energy.

    For further information, please contact Sumbawa Timur Mining Team

    Sumbawa Timur Mining
    Sumbawa Timur Mining