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  • PT Sumbawa Timur Mining Achieves 4 Million Accident-Free Working Hours 

    24 / 07 / 2023 Press Release

    Sumbawa Timur Mining

    Dompu, 24 July 2023 – PT Sumbawa Timur Mining (STM), the owner of the 7th generation Contract of Work for the Hu’u Project in Dompu District, West Nusa Tenggara, demonstrated its commitment to work safety by achieving 4 million hours of accident-free work (4 million hours LTI Free).

    President Director of PT STM Bede Evans stated that this achievement is a valuable thing for the company considering that exploration activities in the mining industry are a high-risk work environment.

    “Safety is our top priority in the exploration phase of mining operations. We strictly adhere to strict safety protocols, ensuring a safe working environment for all employees. Together, we strive to maintain the highest standards, reduce potential risks, and foster a safe and healthy workplace,” he said.

    Bede explained that a Lost Time Injury or LTI is hours wasted due to a workplace accident that results in an employee being injured, or experiencing functional impairment so that the worker is unable to return to work. This important achievement reflects the efforts of STM, its employees, and contractors to always carry out a full commitment to workplace safety.

    Awards for Employees and Contractors

    To strengthen awareness of work safety in the company’s internal environment, PT STM also gives appreciation to employees and contractors or company vendors who contribute to the application of work safety principles in the company environment.

    “There were 4 company vendors and 3 employees who were awarded by PT STM management for their commitment to the implementation of work safety at PT STM,” Bede Evans explained.

    The four vendors who received awards from STM are Garuda Muda Elektrik (The Best Local Contractor of Safety KPI Record), Indodrill Indonesia (The Best National Contractor of Safety KPI Record), Coates Hire Indonesia (The Most Safety Progressive Contractor), and Technical Drilling Department (The Most Dedicated Contract Owner – Field Leaders Department).

    Bede Evans explained that safety has become even more significant for PT STM this year, following the company’s plan to focus on the test pumping bore program (TPBP).

    “This activity aims to collect groundwater data and thermal conditions in the earth’s surface, which play an important role as one of the data references in building underground designs that are safe for all,” he explained.

    Meanwhile, PT STM Principal Communication Cindy Elza stated that PT STM’s work safety commitment is also shown by the awarding of the company from the Ministry of Manpower, Directorate General of Manpower Supervision Development and Occupational Safety and Health in June 2023.

    “The two categories of awards given to PT STM are the Zero Work Accident Award and the Covid-19 Prevention and Countermeasure Program Award in the Workplace,” she explained.


    About PT Sumbawa Timur Mining – PT STM

    PT Sumbawa Timur Mining (STM) is a joint venture between Eastern Star Resources Pty Ltd (80%), a 100%-owned subsidiary of Vale SA, and PT Antam Tbk (20%). Established in 1998, STM became the owner of the Hu’u Project 7th generation Contract of Work (CoW) and Geothermal Preliminary & Exploration Survey Assignment in Hu’u District, Dompu Regency, West Nusa Tenggara Province, Indonesia. The CoW area covers 19,260 hectares in Dompu Regency and Bima Regency. Currently, PT STM is conducting mineral exploration activities to realize its vision in becoming a world class copper mining operation supported by renewable energy.

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    Sumbawa Timur Mining
    Sumbawa Timur Mining